Investor FAQs

How and when was Renren established?

Our current holding company, Renren Inc., was incorporated in February 2006 in the Cayman Islands under our prior name, Oak Pacific Interactive. We began our operations in China in 2002 through a company that subsequently became one of our consolidated affiliated entities through contractual arrangements.

What stock exchange does Renren trade on and what is its ticker symbol?

Renren is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol RENN.

Which is Renren's Depositary Bank?

Renren's Depositary Bank is Citibank N.A

Why was I charged an “American Depository Receipt Fee” on my brokerage statement? What is it for? When and how often will I be charged this fee?

It is an annual depositary service fee Citi ADR charges RENN ADR shareholders each year. The fee is charged in March each year. A shareholder will be charged at USD2.00 per every 100 ADRs they hold on a cut-off day in March. The fee is stated in F6 form in SEC website filed by RENN.

Is the company considered foreign or domestic?

The company is a foreign private issuer.

When did Renren go public?

Renren went public on May 4, 2011.

What is the ADS to ordinary share ratio?

One (1) ADS represents forty-five (45) ordinary shares.

Has this ratio ever changed? If so, when and how?

Renren changed the ratio of its American depositary shares ("ADSs") from (1) ADS to three (3) Class A ordinary shares to one (1) ADS to fifteen (15) Class A ordinary shares, taking effect on February 6, 2017.

Renren changed the ratio of its American depositary shares ("ADSs") from (1) ADS to fifteen (15) Class A ordinary shares to one (1) ADS to forty-five (45) Class A ordinary shares, taking effect on January 9, 2020.

When does Renren's fiscal year end?

Renren's fiscal year ends December 31.

How is Renren's market capitalization calculated?

Each ADS represents 45 common shares. The market capitalization should be based on the total amount of ordinary class A and B shares issued and outstanding of 1,080 million which divided by 45, equals 24 million ADS, as of September 30, 2020. The market capitalization is calculated by multiplying stock price with outstanding number of ADS, i.e. 24 million ADS.

Who are Renren's independent accountants?

Renren’s independent auditor is Marcum Bernstein & Pinchuk LLP.

What are Renren’s main businesses?

Renren’s main businesses are used auto business and SaaS business.

Who are Renren’s largest shareholders?

Renren’s top three shareholders are Softbank, CEO Joe Chen and DCM. Together, they make up 79.8% of Renren’s shares, as of February 28, 2018 per our 2017 Form 20-F.